Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sui on Sale

Although there's only a smattering of the Anna Sui collection on sale on Target's web site, the entire line seems to be marked down in-store. At least that's the case at my local Target. And curiously enough, there suddenly seems to be MORE stock than there was before... as if there was extra inventory in back that's now out on the racks. Like this metallic sheath dress (shown) which was one of the more popular pieces and seemed to sell out quickly; there were at least 4 of them on the rack, marked down to around $40 (regularly $59.99).


NSHD said...

Had an "a-ha" moment when I walked in and tried on two dresses (the wrap black & white silk dress and the empire wasted navy blue/black "Blair" dress) from the collection and they fit perfectly. I would've never bought them unless they were marked down 30%!

MH said...

YES, I noticed this! :) HA!
Everything is on the sale racks at my local Tarjay!...... I have suspicions that there may have returns of stuff that didn't fit, or didn't sell on ebay! :)