Monday, October 12, 2009

New at Target: Color Theory

Target has a new in-house designed Go International collection called “Color Theory”. It’s built around bright, primary colors like Violet, Hot Pink, Cosmic Blue, Forever Green and Lemon Yellow, paired with lots of Basic Black. While I welcome the infusion of color – as I am personally trying to add more brights to my mainly dark wardrobe – I’m not so sure about some of these colors and prints. The colors seem a bit acidic for my taste. And the patterns – like oversize herringbone and wide rugby stripes – scream “1985” to me.


Pamela said...

i have to agree. way to 80's for me! i've seen it in the store and wasn't even interested in looking closer.

kbfenner said...

The 80s are baaaaack!

Yup, in a big way, shoulder pads, and all.

Stock up on Shpritz Forte!

Sher said...

If I could turn back time.....sure I'd try it. Have to see it up close first.

Target-Addict said...

Kbfenner, you are TOO funny! OMG, Spritz Forte!