Friday, October 2, 2009

New Starbuck’s Via to be sold at Target

Starbucks, the company that built its reputation on selling pricy espresso-drinks, now wants to turn folks on to its version of instant coffee. In their biggest product launch to date, Starbucks will start selling its new Via instant coffee packets at all of its U.S. and Canadian stores this week, backing it with a nationwide television advertising and merchandising blitz. Via will also be sold at other select retailers, including Target.

Starbucks first unveiled its instant coffee offering earlier this year, selling the product online and at its stores in Seattle, Chicago, and London. For a company that got people hooked on $3 lattes, instant coffee seems at odds with its premium image. But Starbucks has supposedly been developing the product for almost 20 years, waiting to concoct an instant coffee that was close in taste to its regular brew.

For a review of how Via stacks up to regular Starbuck’s coffee, check out The Recessionista’s take on it. She thinks Via is pretty darn good! And today through Oct. 5th, you can test it yourself. All Starbucks stores will be hosting taste tests this Friday through Monday. You'll be able to taste the Columbia Starbucks Via instant coffee next to their fresh-brewed Pike Peak blend. Best of all, taste test participants will receive a coupon for a free tall brewed coffee on a future Starbucks visit and $1 off a Via purchase.


MH said...

thx for the link luv!

Sher said...

So that's! why Brittany was there!

Beth Dunn said...

I heard about that, I want to check it out! xoxo

Target-Addict said...

True story: after reading my blog post, my husband told me that while at Starbuck's yesterday, they tried to get him to take the taste teste. And he bellowed "NO THANKS. Why would I come to Starbucks for INSTANT coffee?!" ;-)

He DOES have a point there, and it will be interesting to see whether people will embrace the concept or not.

Anonymous said...

I've tried it, its just as terrible as regular Starbucks coffee. Funny that they advertise that 'you can't tell the difference', its not saying much for their fresh brew product.