Friday, May 30, 2008

Sami Hayek for Target

Target somehow keeps finding space for a steady stream of new designers. One of them, Sami Hayek, is doing some beautiful things in home furnishings. But what really catches the eye are some of his small-space pieces designed to streamline clutter. "My new collection at Target reflects my core design beliefs, which include structure, humor and a commitment to sustainable design," says Hayek. This clever lamp (pictured, at $29.99) sums it all up nicely, with a base designed to de-clutter desks of paper clips, rubber bands and other doodads. A desk (at $149.99) tops the price list and is sized about right for a small apartment or studio, and at the low end of the line is a mini-composition book (at just 99 cents). Hayek’s bedding collection is already available on Target’s website and the rest of the collection should be hitting stores soon. And yes, in case anyone was wondering: Sami Hayek IS the brother of actress Salma Hayek.

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