Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coming to Target: new Method products

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a big fan of the Method brand.  But an even bigger fan is blogger Nathan over at Method Lust, where I got the scoop on some new Method products that should be coming to Target very soon.

Shown here is Method's newest Moisturizing Body Wash variety called "Surfside". I'm guessing from the name that this will have some sort of "beachy scent", which will be a welcome change from the heavier floral/herbal body wash fragrances Method's been churning out.  Hopefully it will be similar to their Refreshing Body Wash in Sea Minerals which is currently sold out.  Nathan is betting that this new scent will replace "Magnolia" - which I've noticed is now on clearance on - so if you're a Magnolia fan you might want to stock up before it disappears forever.

Method will also introduce two new hand washes: "Blue Poppy" and "Fig + Rhubarb". Both sound exotic, and I can't even imagine what "Blue Poppy" will smell like! And Orla Kiely is continuing her collab with Target with new spring-patterned bottles and earthy scents like "Tomato Vine".


Unknown said...

I LOVE the sea minerals scent and have been extremely frustrated that it has not been available at Target lately. I hope Method has the wit to fix this and get sea minerals back on the shelf.

Target Addict said...

Unknown: yeah, the Sea Minerals scent hasn't been at Target for quite some time. And it's sold out on, the online store for Method. Hopefully they'll bring it back for Summer; I seem to recall the "refreshing body wash" line being more of a Summer thing vs. Fall/Winter.

Music said...

I have really liked the Orla Kiely Pear Ginger products for the kitchen. Wish it were a regular refill scent. But I'll refill the bottles with anything because they're too cute. Also love the Olive Leaf body wash by Method. But I've been looking for White Tea as well - and that's the one I can't find in SoCal.