Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday’s Rave: Springmaid “My Soft Sheet” set

I adore these sheets by Springmaid; they’re called the “My Soft Sheet” set, and they absolutely live up to their name. Right out of the box, they’re super-soft, and they get softer with each washing, but still stand up to wear and tear (unlike other sheets I’ve bought that have gotten softer, but then start to fall apart and wear thin).

So I was thrilled when I found another two pairs on clearance recently at my local Target store.  And then I realized why they were on sale: Target must be phasing them out, as they are no longer available  on Target’s website.  In fact, I’m wondering if Target is discontinuing their Springmaid offerings altogether, as many items from this brand are sold out online. You can still find these sheets in store (for now) and I plan to stock up while they’re still available.

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shandril16 said...

I have been a Target team member for two years now- if it's clearancing out that doesn't necessarily mean they're getting rid of it. Sometimes it's just certain colors, and sometimes it's because either the area is getting reset on the planogram and they need to move out old to get the new stuff in and set where it needs to be, otherwise it can be because the packaging is changing somehow. Also, is considered a completely seperate entity from Target stores. That's why there's so many online or store only items. Unlike other stores where the online one is just an extenstion with more variety than the store is completely seperate.