Friday, August 24, 2012

Product Review: Conair infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush

Have you seen all the TV commercials lately for the Conair infiniti Pro Spin Brush?  And the infomercial on YouTube?  As well as the countless video reviews also on YouTube?  Well I have, and as a sucker for anything promising to “tame my mane”, I recently bought one at Target. 

Here’s what the thing promises to do: “The infinitiPRO spin air brush from Conair will help you achieve huge volume and lots of shine. Its ceramic barrel features two speeds and three heat settings, so you can create lush contours and curls that suit your style.”

And here’s what numerous testimonials on YouTube told me: that it was hard to use at first, but when you get the hang of it, it works wonders.  That it works best on almost dry hair; to not try to use on wet/damp hair (as you’ll end up with a tangled mess) but if you use it on hair that’s 90% air-dried, it’s amazing.  That it makes your hair shiny beyond belief, and that your hair keeps its shape so that you don’t even need hair product or hairspray. 

And here’s the truth – at least with my hair: it’s not only harder to use than the traditional round brush and blow-dryer method, but it left my hair a frizzy mess as well.  The barrel and handle of this particular product is a full 2”, which is pretty hard to handle if you have small hands like me.  While I got the hang of it fairly quickly, it was hard to keep the brush moving and pushing the right buttons with such a large handle.  I definitely think the tips about using it on almost-dried hair were spot-on, but I never got to the “shiny, lustrous locks” that other satisfied users did.  It did straighten my hair temporarily, but I felt when I was done that I still needed a bit of hairspray to “lock everything” in place.  When I first left the house, it looked pretty good….but by the end of the day, the style fell out, leaving my locks flat on top with dried-out, frizzed out ends.

Needless to say, I’ll be returning this to Target… and thank goodness they accept returns on items like this!  For me, this tool was a waste of time and money.  But it obviously works for some folks, hence all the hype.  What about you, dear readers?  Have you tried a tool like this, and does it work for you?


Anonymous said...

I had a similar "As Seen on TV" product in high school, only it was just the spinning brush, you had to use a blow dryer with it. Mostly it just tangled my hair, then it broke. Return that thing and invest in an excellent flat iron, I've never known anyone (other than hair dressers or people with straight hair) that could get a smooth, straight finish with a blow dryer alone.

Thanks for the honesty in your review! It stinks when things don't work out but maybe you'll save some other people from making the same mistake.

Ehrenfried said...

Product Review: Conair infiniti Pro Spin Air Brush ...