Monday, August 27, 2012

Has Target phased out Dwell Studio?

Dwell Studio debuted at Target way back in 2008, and hasn't really had any major new offerings for a couple of years.  I do remember seeing a bunch of Dwell Studio kitchen merchandise - tableclothes, table runners and napkins - on clearance a couple of months ago. And after trying to look for Dwell Studio bedding at my local Target store the other day - and not being able to find any - it occured to me the Bullseye might be phasing this line out.

In checking, there's only a handful of Dwell Studio things left, and all of them baby items.  Perhaps the retailer is simply making way for the upcoming Nate Berkus Collection for Target, set to debut in October.


S said...

Who designed the bedspread in the picture? Is it currently for sale? THANKS

Target Addict said...

The bedspread is by DwellStudio for Target, from the collection they debuted in 2010. As stated in my post, it seems like Target is phasing out their DwellStudio unless you can still find this in store, you're out of luck, unless you happen to find it on eBay.

Target Addict said...

PS: a quick search of eBay shows one set in King size for sale. This bedspread was called the "Casablanca" style.