Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What happened to Converse One Star?

What happened to Converse One Star? They used to be one of my go-to brands at Target, and I even listed them as one of my "favorite things" in my 2009 NYE roundup.  But I haven't bought anything from the line since I raved about this shirtdress over a year ago.  And while I always check out the line in store, I never find anything interesting enough to buy (which isn't surprising, given the boring Lookbook they put out this Spring).

What's more, I've also noticed that the brand seems to be repeating styles they've had before.  There's a short-sleeved cowl neck in stores right now that is virtually identical to one they offered last August; even the colors are the same.  And they keep trotting out the same flyaway cardigans and knit moto jackets season to season.

I've also noticed that their  fabrications are not the same as they used to be.  Case in point: this brand's winter coats were made of heavy, felted wool (which I know firsthand as I own two of them!) but last Fall/Winter, their coat offerings felt thinner and less substantial.   How about you, dear readers: are you still buying - and liking - Converse One Star?


kayerikson said...

I so desperately want to like this line as
I wear black converse everyday (the 40 dollar a pair kind not target) but like you I find everything kinda boring
There were a couple of cute dresses last summer but I never bought them
Since then nothing
I wish it was just a little edgier
Btw what do you think of the colors collection? Looks like h and m to me

Critifur said...

I have stopped buying the One Star stuff, but loved it a few years ago. The line is just tired looking, repetitive and morose. I have started buying Mossimo, loving the color and the styles, though still avoiding cotton/poly fabrics in the tees even though I like the cut and colors.

Anonymous said...

Every time I find something from the One Star line I like, I look at the price tag and roll my eyes. Although as Critifur already mentioned, the Mossimo stuff has gotten a lot better recently so maybe there's still hope for Converse?

monty said...
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