Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review: Sonia Kashuk’s new Satin Lip Color

As I first mentioned about a month ago, Sonia Kashuk has phased out her old lipstick formula in favor of a new one with a “Satin” finish. While her old formula included both creamy and glazed shades, the new “Satin” versions seem to offer a subtle shine in a moisturizing base. I liked both the finish and the wear of this new formula; for me, it includes just the right amount of moisture and staying power (keeping in mind it is NOT a long-wearing product). I tried two of her new shades, one being “Sunkissed” (a bright, coral hue) and the other called “Sugar Plum" (a medium glazed berry, which I really liked).

One bummer, though, is that they've hiked up the price of this revamped product. Sonia's lipsticks used to be $8.99, and now they're $9.99 each. That's probably to accomodate for the newly-designed packaging, and the addition of the initials "SK" now etched into the end of each lipstick.

If you were a fan of her old formulation, you can still try to find it on clearance in stores, but most of it has sold out online. At this writing, the only color still left is “Coraline”, which looks to be very close to her new “Sunkissed” shade. You can also try to get her old lip colors on eBay.

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