Friday, January 27, 2012

Missoni merchandise disappears from

In an update to Saturday's post, I notice that Target has now removed all Missoni merchandise from their website. I think when I last looked, still had 200 or so listings for Missoni; some were sold out, but many were not, and many weren't even marked down yet. But now, poof! - they're all gone. I guess now the only place to find it will be your local Goodwill store or eBay (which as of today, still has over 9,000 Missoni for Target listings!).


Unknown said...

Just yesterday I found two throws at my local target store, $3.24. Each!!!! They were online returns. My local goodwill store is hosting s special window sale--- all MiSSONI --- average price $24.99

Target Addict said...

Unknown: WOW, what a score! Missoni throws for just $3.24 each? That's crazy!

Jennifer said...

Glad I scored that dress I refused to pay $55 for before they took everything down. I paid $27.50 and it was going for over $100 on eBay. I wonder if that's the reason they did it...

Leslie said...

I have gotten the following Missoni stuff at the on line site :

1. Tote bag (Purple/Pink/Green)stripes.
2. Travel bag (the orange colored one)
3. A set of the three bowls-they call them cereal bowls, but they look like something you'd eat udon noodles out of :)
4. Multi-colored wrap

Everything I bought was under what it was initially priced at. You bid on the item you want. If you really want it, be sure to note what time/day the auction closes, because I've gotten beat out in the last minute for somethings I've wanted! Also, be sure and check their shipping rates-these are Goodwills all over the country. But for the most part it's really reasonable. I have to thank Target Addict for telling me about this! I love this blog:) As for Jason Wu, welllllll, I think I'll wait until after 90 days and hit!