Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cart crime victim offers forgiveness...

In an update to my November post about the NY woman who was the victim of a Target cart attack right before Halloween, the NY Post reports that the woman forgives her assailants. The philanthropist clobbered by a hurled shopping cart bears no ill will to the punks who did it, though the assault left her brain-damaged and unable to care for herself, said a person close to her.

The troubled Harlem kids are, after all, the very people Marion Hedges has spent her life trying to help, the source told The Post. “Her concerns are more about the economic conditions that created that situation" he said. He reports Hedges, an Upper West Side activist hit when two 12-year-olds tossed a heavy plastic carriage from a fourth-floor overpass at the East River Plaza mall on Oct. 31st, has been reading up on the attack, but isn’t bitter.

She hopes the injuries she suffered at the hands of Raymond Hernandez and Jeovanni Rosario as she bought Halloween candy for needy kids will raise awareness of the city’s underprivileged youth. “She doesn’t want media attention,” said the source. “The key to her is for people to give their time to those in need.”

But the source said Hedges can’t participate in any charitable effort now because of the severe head trauma, and that she may not ever fully recover. “She’s not the same person,” he said. “Talking to her is like talking to a 9-year-old or a 90-year-old. She gets emotional and forgets things quickly. There is short-term memory loss.”


tina said...

She is a class act. I hope she is able to recover and live a full long life. Thanks for the update.

Critifur said...

This made me tear up. So awful. I hope there is more recovery for her.