Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Great Save" becomes "Bullseye Bodega"

If you recall, for the past couple of years Target has replaced their seasonal holiday section (gone by early January) with their "Great Save" event. This was their attempt to mimic a "warehouse store" environment, much like Costco. In other words: deals on staples in bulk.

I was never really a fan of this event, as it replaced Target's Global Bazaar, their annual home furnishings and decor event, which I used to always look forward to. Well now, Target seems to be "rebranding" The Great Save, dubbing it The Bullseye Bodega... which is somewhat confusing as Target already used that name for a special pop-up shop in NYC to showcase capsule designer collections three summers ago.

It's the same idea as The Great Save: a section of bulk-packaged, family size, and bonus pack items from brand names like Pepsi, Huggies, Lysol, etc. The only difference this time (besides the name) seems to be that the "marketplace" is centered around display tables vs. just rows of of shelves. This section usually lasts in stores until mid-February, and in the past, clearance on these items has begun as early as the first of February.


mommydearest said...

I miss global bazaar!! It was absolutely fantastic. I almost bypassed it entirely as my look doesn't skew "world" but ended up getting tons of pillows, lamps and accessories for my traditionally-styled house. I really wish they'd bring it back!

Critifur said...

I miss this event too. I have picked up some great items in the past.

Trisha Joy Carrillo said...

Why did they get rid of Global Bazzar? I also looked forward to it very year :(