Monday, January 30, 2012

Dana Kellin also disappears from

Just like Missoni, the Dana Kellin jewelry line has also disappeared from Target's website. What's left of the collection can be snapped up in stores at 75% off. Ditto on the Albertus Swanepoel hats. I guess Target is making way for all the new Jason Wu merchandise, which launches this Sunday, Feb. 5th.

Speaking of which: is speculating that perhaps "collab hysteria has died down" due to the low number of Jason Wu for Target items posted on eBay. Racked surmises that while the line at the Target press event last week "was certainly really, really long... there was an astonishing amount of elbow room throughout 95% of the event space. And we didn't see any pushing, shoving, what have you. Perhaps the Wu collection is enough of a non-gimmick to make people actually want to hold onto it, rather than try to make a quick buck on eBay."


Cotton Candy said...

I was at my local Target yesterday and noticed the two Dana Kellin necklaces I have been spying were reduced from $49.99 to $14.98. I finally bought both of them. The sales lady told me the merchandise would be leaving the store at the end of the week. I like the style and colors of the necklaces and did not mind paying the 14.98 but not sure the lightness of quality was worth the almost $50.00 price-point.

Target Addict said...

Hey Cotton Candy! I may go back to Target and get one of the necklaces myself before they're gone. Thanks for the tip that they'll be gone by the end of the week ;-)

Shopping Celle said...

I couldn't resist & bought the cute brown and purple Albertus Swanepoel hat yesterday for $5.98. Not sure where I'll wear it. (maybe the races?) Looked at the Dana Kellin but didn't buy. Prices were both 50% & 75% off at my store and of course the one I liked the best was just 50% off. Lots of markdowns on fun winter hats, gloves & scarves. I picked up some hats & gloves for $1 each to save for the annual charity project at my kid's school. The best deal of the day though were some good sized turquoise Spritz brand gift wrap bags for 14 cents each.