Sunday, July 3, 2011

Target's new online return form still has some kinks to work out...

If you've ordered anything online from recently, you may have noticed a new form accompanying your order. FINALLY, Target is including a return form with online orders, so that you don't need to go to their web site to print out your own return form to return items to the store.

That's the good news. The BAD news is that Target hasn't quite fixed all the "technical glitches" with the new system yet... so most likely, if you try to return something to the store, the Customer Service Associate will ask to look it up via your original form of payment, as the forms aren't working yet.

Or, you could get lucky and be in a similar situation to mine. For whatever reason, one Converse One Star shirt I ordered - as part of an order of 6 Merona t-shirts for my hubby - somehow got mislabed as "did not ship" (even though it did and I received it last week). When I tried to return it to the store, I couldn't. The Customer Service gal even called, and they told me about the "technical difficulties" with the new system, and until they worked it out on their end, I couldn't return the shirt. They reminded me that I had a 90-day window to return the shirt, and asked me to try again in a week or two. And then, I got this email from them today:

Dear Guest,

We’re writing to let you know about a situation impacting your recent order on Due to a technical issue, we had to cancel the following item(s):

Merona Metal Blue Men's Ss Tee Fx - XL
Merona Ebony Men's Ss Tee - XL
Merona Par Four Green Men's Ss Tee Fx - XL
Merona Garnet Men's Ss Tee - XL
Merona Blue Glory Men's Ss Tee Fx - XL
Merona Gradual Gray Men's Ss Tee - XL

Due to this issue, some item(s) may have already shipped to you. Don’t worry -- you won’t be billed for these items. If you do receive any items from this order and no longer want them, please donate to a local charity or shelter of your choice rather than returning them to Target.

If you still are interested in any items from this order that you did not receive, please visit and place a new order. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thanks for shopping at

Online Guest Services

So in short, I got 6 shirts for! Thanks, Target!!!


jacquelyn said...

Well, that's good and bad. It's awesome that you got free shirts. But wtf with trying again to return the Converse shirt? First of all, you took the time to go to the store to do the return, then to be told to come back due to an error on their part is wrong---and then to be reminded you have 90 days to make the return? What if they don't get the kinks worked out within the 9- day window? That is bad customer service in my opinion. I'd be upset if I made the trip to do a return only to be told to come back---it's not like everyone has a Target right down the street from them, or like we all have unlimited time to just drop in whenever we want.

gigiofca said...

That sounds like a mess on their hands. I noticed the new return form. They have a little personality & are cute. Luckily I didn't have a problem w/the one return I've made with it.

gigiofca said...

Oh wait...I didn't use that form. I printed off the web as I'm used to doing. No wonder...

Target-Addict said...

Jacquelyn, I agree. I'm not going to be happy if I can't eventually return my Converse shirt. We'll see what happens....

And Gigofca, I agree: the back of the forms are cute. I just wish they'd work!

Elizabeth Cline said...

Target addict, how do i get in touch with you for an interview? i'm working on a book about budget fashion and want to talk to you about your blog!

Target-Addict said...

UPDATE: I got an email from Target yesterday, and it looks as if they cancelled the entire order and did not charge me for ANY items associated with it (including the Converse One Star shirt).