Monday, January 3, 2011

Target's Great Save Event

Target started their Great Save Event yesterday (Jan. 2nd), which will run through February 5th. This is the second year of the event, in which the Bullseye takes the space where it typically sells seasonal merchandise and instead sets up a "warehouse club-like experience". For the next several weeks, Target's Great Save will feature items like 4-pack boxes of Life Cereal and 30-roll packs of Cottonelle Bath Tissue at member club (like Costco) prices.

As I wrote last year at this time, I was not impressed with the Great Save, and I'm not sure I'll shop it this year, either. We dropped our Costco membership over a year ago because we just don't have the space to store items in mega-bulk sizes. Furthermore, it looks like this event has replaced Target's Global Bazaar, which was something I used to look forward to each year at this time.


hush said...

Too bad that this seems to have replaced Target's Global Bazaar. Although I did score some two-packs of American Crew Pomade for DH at a cost of about $4 less EACH than they regularly go for everywhere.

grace said...

I also prefer Global Bazaar, and most of what's on offer in the "Great Save" section doesn't excite me. That said, I picked up some dry fit workout shirts for $7.50 that I hadn't seen before, which were a welcome find.