Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Smith & Hawken in bloom again at Target

Back in 2009, I was devastated when gardening retailer Smith & Hawken announced it was closing all store locations and shutting down its website. Where would we purchase (or lust over, at the very least) the lovely wooden-handled English gardening tools and copper planters that the brand was known for?

Then early last year, it was announced that Target had purchased Smith & Hawken. And this month, the Bullseye has launched its first Smith & Hawken collection since buying the brand. So how does the new line compare with the original Smith & Hawken goods? Impressively, the offerings are similar, including long-handled gardening tools (still made in England), gorgeous copper window boxes, steel arches and trellises, outdoor furniture and cute garden bags and accessories. The products — which start at $10 and run all the way up to $2,500 for a teak table — seem still seem well-made and a fitting revitalization of the beloved gardening brand. Check out the entire collection here on Target.com.

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Gail said...

As a former long time Smith and Hawken fan & customer I looked at what they are offering now through Target. The high end articles look good; the less expensive items I would have to see in person as I have a feeling the old Smith and Hawkens quality may not be there.