Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday's Rave: this Zac Posen dress

I did end up taking that Zac Posen Sailor Dress back to Target the other day... and while I was there, I felt compelled to try on the Black Sweater Dress. And I'm happy to say, it was a hit! This not-so-basic LBD has subtle diagonal banding, which is not only figure-flattering but reminds me of those Herve Leger "bandage dresses" that are so popular right now. This dress also has a subtle-sparkle to it - with metallic threads woven throughout - and is MUCH better looking in person than in this picture. No wonder this frock is getting rave reviews on Target's web site. Finally, one piece in the Zac Posen for Target collection that lives up to the designer's name!


MH said...

We agree! This dress was also my top pick. It's really flattering, and there are no ZIPPER issues!

halo said...

A few thoughts:
Love the pleated skirt but it's like wearing an anchor; insanely heavy (esp. for spring)
The tiger print sailor dress is really cute and not too short
My quibble is the chemise lining seems to be cut smaller than the dress. I'd snip it out and wear one of my own
Loved the tie dye mini (once I got over sticking my head through the back keyhole) but it seems more like a cover-up than dress
Black sweater dress is cute (funky fabrication) but really not fond of the way the neckline fits against my breastbone.
Loved!! the snap dress! It seems to run a bit small but it's killer cute.
Oh, and the chambray dress? Cutish but not keen on the drawstring bottom. It does have copious pockets that would be great for gardening tools
Hated the black/gold 1 piece! Sad because in pics it screams 40s glam. IRL the fabric is just UGH!
Loved both the tie dye and red 1 piece suits but they are NOT!!! designed for me. they are far,far too short;-(
My hesitation (which is pretty much the same for all Target's "designer" lines) is the price point. I just don't see it. I'd much rather buy some of the Converse,Merona*,Mossimo and even Exhilaration pieces that have similar on point details for far less $