Friday, April 2, 2010

New at Target: Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent

The Recessionista has posted a sneak peek (complete with preview pics) of two new Target designer collaborations: Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent. As I mentioned when news of these lines broke back in November, Kim's line focuses on hats, and Vincent's concentrates on shoes. Kim's collection channels old Havana - as shown in this promotional graphic on Target's web site - and taking a cue from Cuba's vibrant culture, she's designed a variety of summer silhouettes using woven and printed fabrics. And Vincent's footwear line offers a selection of wedges, flats and heels in both bright and classic hues, decorated with various hardware and embellishments. She's also re-created a budget-version of her iconic "Luella" sky-high gladiator sandal from last year (you can check out pics here from The Budget Babe) which is sure to be a sellout at just $29.99.

While the pics look nice, I'll need to see the goods in person before I pass judgement. It really all depends on the materials used; too often I've seen Target "cheap out" on fabrics and construction, especially on their designer accessory lines (Miss Trish and Hollywood Intuition come to mind). Both lines hit Target stores on April 18th.

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