Saturday, April 17, 2010

Target to partner with Temple St. Clair

The Cut has reported that Target has announced a partnership with Temple St. Clair Carr of the jewelry line Temple St. Clair. Carr uses a lot of gold, diamonds, and gems in her designs, as shown on her web site. Carr founded her jewelry line back in 1986 while living in Florence, Italy. Barneys New York discovered her work in Italy and invited her to showcase her first collection exclusively in New York City. From there, her collections expanded to other luxury retailers and soon fetched a connoisseur clientele.

Since Carr's creations tend to be spendy - like the $4,400 gold, diamond and blue moonstone ring shown here - it'll be interesting to see how she tailors her aesthetic for Target shoppers. I guess we'll find out when when the Temple St. Clair for Target collection hits stores on August 29.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw the preview of the jewelery in the August Lucky magazine. It looks interesting. To keep the price so low clearly the jewelry is not made of gold and gemstones. ANy idea what materials are being used?