Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clearance Alert: Liberty of London (select items in store)

Several of you have written in to say that Liberty of London clothing for women has been put on clearance for 30% off. This sale seems to be limited to selected items in the line, and also seems to be the case in stores only, as the Liberty of London collection on has not been marked down.

And some items - like this pleated-back Jumper Print dress - seem to be so successful that not only are they not on sale, but they are being re-stocked by Target (according to their web site). Selected dresses, tops, and swimwear coverups state they will be "back in stock in June", and you can pre-order them now on


Jen said...

I just went to Target, and saw some women's dresses marked 50% off. The rest of the women's clothing (but not accessories) was marked 30% off, including swimwear. I actually got the Jumper dress for $14.99! The men's stuff is also 50% off in store and I also saw some stationery items (notepads, file boxes, binders, etc.) marked 30% off in store.

Target-Addict said...

Wow, Jen! Sounds like there's some Liberty bargains at your store. No such luck at my local Target stores; it's still only select women's clothing at 30% off.

Tashy said...

Two of our local stores have all women's clothing at 30% off, but the other two (the smaller ones) have a lot of the clothing marked 50% off. I got the navy/off-white bathing suit for $20 for both pieces.

Men's is 50% off at all four stores but I haven't seen anything else on sale.