Friday, May 1, 2009

DIY Project: custom Diaper Pouch

Sometimes it’s more frugal to combine store-bought products with some sewing finesse to create your own one-of-kind designs. Yes, you could buy a pre-made Diaper Pouch - also known as a Diaper Envelope - like this one from Target (shown). Or you could opt to make your own custom (and inexpensive) Diaper Pouch out of pre-made placemats instead. First, buy two cloth placemats in a color & pattern that best suits your tastes. Then, visit the JunkMailGems blog for complete DIY instructions (including diagrams) on how to make your very own Diaper Pouch.

PS: JunkMailGems found her placemats at Target on clearance for just $1.98 each!

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