Saturday, May 16, 2009

Target To Open Minigroceries In 100 Stores

According to the Wall St. Journal, Target is transforming a corner of a hundred of its discount department stores into mini-groceries stores that carry a narrow selection of products from 90% of the food categories found in a larger grocery store. It may eventually add mini-groceries to most of its 1,300 outlets as the key to its strategy to reverse declining sales.

The retailer seems to be moving closer to the Wal-Mart mold of selling more food and emphasizing low prices. It also is revamping its adverting to focus on bargains. [Side bar: have you noticed those TV ads, dear readers? I have, and despite the following comment from Target, I have mistaken those commercials for Wal-Mart ads more than once]. However, CEO Gregg Steinhafel says he has no wish to try to be like Wal-Mart, which he characterizes as "a grocer that happens to also sell general merchandise."


Tina said...

I've heard about this and am totally syked. I was told that they will only be adding it to stores that are being remodeled at the moment. Sucks for me since all the Targets near me just went through a remodel. Can't wait for when the stores near me get it.

Sher said...

Several Targets in my area don't have this, but maybe the new one coming will. I hear it won't be done till fall.

mike721ct said...

I wish they would build a full fledged Super Target here in CT. July 09 Target opened new stores with what the call the P-Fresh format at that time we got one in Lisbon CT. I checked it out and it has a very large pantry and frozen section but it only has one wide grocery isle which carries a small section of pre-packaged produce, baked goods and meat. Other than that the stores that opened fall 08 have the expanded pantry and frozen section but not the grocery isle. I checked out a Super Target when I was down in FL and they even have their own brand of wine. But sadly I did not need to go grocery shopping because I was on vacation. I asked an employee while I was in my local store one day (she seemed like she was some sort of manager) and she said they currently have now plans to bring Super Target to the North-East, that there just isnt enough of a demand. I guess we have to many grocery stores with Stop & Shop, Big Y, Shaws, A&P, Price Chopper, and of course Super Walmart (Stop & Shop having the largest market share by far). Don't get my wrong I would be very sad to see Stop & Shop go, but I wouldn't mind Super Target taking over turf from any of the others.