Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Woman posing as Target employee steals $40K in iPhones...

Consumerist reports that a Target store in Virginia is missing more than $40,000 worth of iPhones after police say a woman masquerading as an employee simply walked out of the store with them. The Fairfax County Police Department is investigating the theft of dozens of iPhones after a woman entered the Alexandria Target store last week and made off with quite the haul.

Police say the woman entered the store on March 15 and was captured on security camera wearing the uniform of a Target mobile employee — a black polo and khakis. She then made her way to a back stock room, filled a box with more than $40,000 worth of iPhones, and left the store. While the woman is not believed to be a current or former employee of the store, she apparently did her homework: Authorities say she was familiar with store procedures, employee hours, and knew where the iPhones were kept.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because it's happened before. Back in October of 2015, I reported a similar story in which someone posing as a Target employee in Georgia made off with over $50,000 worth of smartphones.

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