Thursday, March 30, 2017

Target employees prevent couple from losing $4K...

Consumerist reports that an alert pair of Target employees were recognized this week for helping to prevent a Virginia couple from losing thousands of dollars to the so-called “Grandparents scam.”

The couple stopped by the Target store to purchase $4,000 in Target gift cards. Unsure about such a large purchase, the employees began questioning the couple. As it turns out, the duo had received a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer who had arrested their grandson.

“The person posing as a police officer explained to the couple that if they wished to get their grandson out of jail, they would need to purchase two Target gift cards of $2,000 apiece,”
said a Hanover County Sheriff Office’s spokesperson. “Concerned and wishing to help their grandson, the couple immediately drove to the Mechanicsville Target to purchase the gift cards.”

After hearing the couple’s account, the Target co-workers explained that they believed the grandparents were being scammed. “This simple act of kindness made the couple question their decision and they too recognized they had fallen victim to a heartless scam,” the Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said. While the incident happened back in January, the Hanover Sheriff’s Office officially honored the co-workers this week.


Mary Hall, The Recessionista said...

Wonderful story! Glad they were honored!

Suzy said...

Wow. This is amazing. Glad to read it hear, as I live in Virginia - just 20 miles from there, and hadn't heard this story. Thank you so much for posting.