Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping strategies for the Phillip Lim/Target collab...

The 3.1 Philip Lim for Target launches at 8am in stores tomorrow (Sunday).  Do you have a shopping game plan? Will you haul yourself to your local store very early on Sunday morning to snag a spot in line? Or will you set your alarm for the wee hours Saturday night to try to score your stuff online?

Here's a handy checklist to help you score the haul of your dreams:

1. Sign up for email alerts from Target here. Keep in mind that now that you will receive ALL Target emails, not just those regarding the collaboration. You can also Text STYLE to TARGET (827438) for mobile updates (text STOP to 827438 to cancel).

2. If you plan to shop in person, set your alarm and plan to get there super early. Although diehards start lining up as early as 5am to guarantee a prime spot, past collabs prove that turning up by at least 7am is acceptable.

3. If you'd rather shop from home, keep in mind that former designer collabs have landed online between midnight and 3:00am. A Target rep tells that the collection will go live on in the "early morning hours," but they aren't able to give a specific time. Also: the online launch will feature 29 exclusive styles (available only online) and guests will be limited to just 3 of the same item.

2. Know ahead of time what you want to buy; review the Lim lookbook and create a plan of attack.

3. Choose wisely. A Target rep tells that there's a limited supply of each item in stores - and items will not be replenished throughout the day - so stay focused. 

5. Know your return rules. Target typically allows returns within 90 days with tags and receipt, both in-store and online. But special rules sometimes apply to designer collaborations - as was the case with last holiday's Neiman-Marcus collection - so read your receipt carefully for any disclaimers.

6. Don't give up. Returns happen, and you might get what you had your heart set on in upcoming weeks after someone else has buyer's remorse.


sue thompson said...

I want that yellow purse!!! Wish I knew if that will be one of the online only items. I just called my Target to ask if they will carry the line and they said they will have a "limited amount" hmmm I guess I will find out when the store opens tomorrow!

Music said...

I have been annoyed by the early eBay listings because they may add extra hype for the sharks who run through the doors and grab an entire size run indiscriminately from the racks. Yes, they just mow down the whole thing and grab every size to eBay for a profit. It's disgusting. I'm not sure I can take waiting in the morning only to have that happen. There are two dresses I would really like to check out, and my dad said he doesn't mind looking for them at his Target located in the not-as-hyper-and-may-leave-smaller-sizes-on-the-rack Mid West.

Zhenya H said...

I went shopping this morning, and the experience was nothing but pleasant~
Read my recap here - My Philip Lim


PS. I hope everyone got what they wanted :)

Mary Hall, The Recessionista said...

Smart tips per usual. I got just about everything I wanted today. I am annoyed by the eBay listings. Most women I saw today at my local store were shopping for themselves, and there was PLENTY of stock.

PS, Target Addict, could you change the link on your blog roll to The Recessionista, I moved off the blogspot last year. THANKS

Queen Elizabeth said...

Murrieta, California

At my local Target I had the opportunity to check out the items from the Phillip Lim collection.

The floral dress feels like a khaki dress from Old Navy. No disrespect to Old Navy, but 40 dollars for this dress is way too much. I noticed that it had pockets on the chest.

The BOOM sweater was UGLY! I mean really! I think my Proenza Schouler from last winter's collection looked better. It felt better too.

No bags left, that is if they even had them. I saw a wallet, and a travel organizer. I put them back. I was tempted to go to the other Target 5 miles away, but I decided to call it a day. I ordered the bag I wanted and I missed out on one. It happens.

Poshmark vultures have appeared and these bags are listed for up to 500 bucks. Heck, 300 bucks more and you can buy yourself a real Phillip Lim bag. If people don't do their homework and they're that stupid to pay that much...ugh.

Target Addict said...

Mary: thanks for the URL reminder. DONE!

Queen Elizabeth said...

Target at El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA

I was in the area and to my surprise I found this store. I didn't expect to find any handbags or wallets. Still, I did find more men's clothing, the BOOM sweater dress, the light blue dress, and the leopard shirt. And there it was, the khaki trench coat. I didn't think twice, I swooped that sucker up!