Monday, September 9, 2013

Target + Chris March present "Big Fun" Halloween Wigs...

Target is teaming up with fashion/costume designer and former Project Runway contestant Chris March to create an exclusive line of larger-than-life Halloween wigs. The playful collection - which will debut in stores and on Sept. 15th - will serve as the centerpiece of Target’s Halloween product assortment that includes costumes, accessories, décor and candy.

According to the official press release, this limited-time collection features over-the-top foam wigs - each priced at $20 or less - that will help Target guests create the perfect Halloween look. Inspired by his experience as a costume designer, March designed eight show-stopping styles: Geisha, Greaser, Starlet, Witch, Medusa, Monster Bride, Mohawk and Afro.

“I’ve been designing costumes and wigs for more than 20 years and my new collection with Target is so beyond my wildest dreams we couldn't call it anything but ‘Big Fun,’” said Chris March. “The wigs are inspired by fun and iconic characters and will help everyone create unforgettable Halloween costumes.” Shown here is the "Starlet" style; you can view all of the wigs here on A Bullseye View.


Music said...

These are super cool and architectural! Thanks for the heads-up! Love Chris March. Remember his WWE Diva outfit? Of course, the collab with Christian is still one of my favorites. I think Project Runway peaked that season for me. I never got into it as much after that.

Target Addict said...

Music: I totally agree. I pretty much stopped watching Project Runway after that season, too!

always chic said...

Music you are soo right! Christian
season renains the BEST PR to date. these cool wigs.
I live in FLA so hopefully it wont
be to hot on Oct.31st!

Music said...

When I'm having a bad day, I watch a clip from the reunion of that season where they show the outtake of Michael Kors losing it and giggling because of the lady wrestlers. It's golden. (That, and Santino doing Tim impersonations involving Andre from Season 2.)