Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New at Target: LYFE Kitchen Frozen Entrees

The other day at Target I was about to grab an evol frozen entree for lunch, and to my delight I discovered that LYFE Kitchen now produces frozen entrees as well. For those of you not familiar with LYFE Kitchen, check out their website here. They have an interesting backstory: their founder and CEO is Mike Roberts, the former Global President and COO for McDonald’s. After a 30-year career leading more than 31,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 118 countries, Mike now runs LYFE Kitchen with the goal to provide "great tasting, good-for-you food that’s surprisingly affordable, remarkably convenient and eminently sustainable."

The variety I tried was the "Chicken Chile Verde with Polenta and Black Beans," described as "Roasted seasoned white meat chicken in a spicy green chile sauce with polenta topped with pepita seeds and savory black beans." The entree steams in its own pouch (kind of like microwave popcorn) and supposedly if you do it right, the cooked entree is supposed to "shimmy out" for "perfect presentation every time". I have to admit I was dubious, as frozen entrees rarely come out looking as good as they do in the picture on the box. However, here's a picture of my actual cooked meal (under the picture of the box) and I have to admit it was pretty darn close!

As for the taste, it was quite good. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's as good as dining in an actual LYFE Kitchen restaurant, but it was definitely comparable. The "spicy green chile sauce" could have been spicier, but of course they've dialed it down to appeal to a wide range of tastes. I'll definitely be trying other varieties of LYFE Kitchen entrees, and if any turn out to be exceeding good (or bad) I'll post an update here on my blog.


Music said...

That is a shockingly Top-Chef-esque result on the plate! I'll have to check it out and shimmy some food on my own. I hear you on the spice, but we know, if you dig Californian authentic Mexican fare, the blanding out for the general consumer will always disappoint. But I bet it's easily kicked up with some chili powder or hot sauce. As always, thanks for the info!

Target Addict said...

You're welcome, Music! FYI, today I tried another variety: the "Farmer's Market Frittata with Sweet Potato Hash & Garden Salsa", and the poblano chiles in the salsa were QUITE hot! This entree was good, too, but the first one was better IMO.