Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Target Beauty Bag Giveaway!

The KrazyCouponLady has alerted her followers that Target is giving away another beauty bag full of goodies.  To get one, go to the TargetStyle Facebook Page to sign up.  Target is touting this as their LAST beauty bag giveaway EVER, filled with freebies and coupons galore.  Now for the fine print....

1 - it looks like you need to load a FB app. to sign up
2 - it also looks like you need to supply some personal info like your phone #, so if you don't want to give that up, you might want to pass on this offer
3 - you don't actually get your bag in the mail for for 6-8 weeks, and there's a limit of one per person, while supplies last
4 - you also won't get the exact bag shown here, as this pattern is the one given away this past Spring


Target Addict said...

UPDATE: Target's FB page has posted an apology, stating "We apologize to our fans. Yesterday, technology got the best of us and shut down the Beauty Bag application early. Fortunately, we still have some beauty bags and are re-opening the application."

Anonymous said...

Yes, I tried yesterday and it said they were all out but it looks like everything is back up and running today, I just snagged one. Thanks for the heads up!

Critifur said...

This will be the last one? It will be my 4th. I ordered mine at the beginning of the week. It is worth it, I use the samples and give the bag away. Target sell the very same bag in the store for around $5.