Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Target's new ad campaign: Falling for You

Target has found a new way to mix commercials and cinema for a brand new kind shopping experience. The Bullseye has enlisted Hollywood heavyweights like “Mad Men” director Phil Abraham and actors Kristen Bell (shown here) Zachary Abel and Nia Long  for a short film in 3 parts that will debut on starting Oct. 2.

Titled “Falling for You,” the short film is a romantic comedy highlighting fall fashion, beauty and home products  from Target.  In fact, almost everything shown in the film is available at, and viewers can - for the first time ever - shop for the products seen in each episode without interrupting the film.

A Bullseye View went behind the scenes on set of “Falling for You” for a sneak peek, which you can watch here on YouTube.

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