Monday, May 14, 2012

Mossimo suiting in hot summer hues

Mossimo (at Target) has just introduced mens suiting separates in seven new hot hues for summer.  Available online at (and in selected stores) these colorful jackets, pants and ties come in Rivera Red, French Violet, Vibrant Yellow, Blue Bayou, Calistgo Blue, Flame, and Forest Glen. The jackets retail for $49.99, the pants for $29.99, and the ties are $19.99 each.


Critifur said...

UGH. I walked up to this display and thought this has to be a joke. Who is going to wear this stuff? There has to be a middle ground between conservative/boring/run of the mill menswear & insane/out of the realm. I did not try anything on, but the cut looks on the slim side which is nice for a change, but seriously the colors are just too much. AND I LOVE COLOR.

Target Addict said...

I agree; it IS pretty bright! I can see perhaps someone hip (in their 20's) pulling off the jacket or the tie, but the pants are pretty loud. And forget about wearing it as an entire suit; you'd look like you fell out of an 80's music video!!

Jon Hansen said...

Will they have these again this year? Thank you!