Saturday, May 5, 2012

Consumer Alert: Target Recalls Bunny Sippy Cups

Target is recalling more than a quarter million Target Home-branded Bunny Sippy Cups because the ear of the bunny can poke a child in the eye when he tilts the cup to drink. 

The cup (shown here) comes with handles on both sides in pink or blue, and has a white bunny head screw-on lid with one bent ear and one straight ear. They can be identified by imprints on the bottom: "TARGET 200020683" for pink and "TARGET 200020884" for the blue.

Target has received six reports of incidents where the plastic ear poked children during routine use of the product. Cuts and bruises were reported in three of these reports. Consumers should immediately stop using thesy sippy cups, and return them to any Target store for a full refund.


Godiva said...

Cute cups, but you can tell they weren't designed by a mom :)

Target Addict said...

Godiva, I was thinking the same thing! Kind of a no-brainer that the "pokey ear" would be a problem, don't ya think? ;-)