Sunday, November 20, 2011

Target's pre-Black Friday sale

While Target blames Walmart's layaway program for their holiday sales slump, they've now upped the ante by providing Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving. That's right: in addition to their "2-day sale" after Thanksgiving (which starts at midnight on Thursday) they've now announced their "4-day sale", running now through Wednesday. The deals are available both online and in-store, with Target encouraging you to "beat the rush and save with pre-Black Friday deals".

Now I have to admit: I am no longer a huge holiday shopper. I don't shop Black Friday, and at this stage in life, we don't buy many gifts. To that end, I haven't comparison shopped, so I have no idea whether this 4-day "pre-sale" is worth it or not. What about you, dear readers? Will you be shopping even earlier this year - prior to Turkey Day?


Elizabeth said...

Nope! There is no way after cooking and entertaining all day, do I want to go in the dark of the night to Target! I don't need to do a lot of shopping either, so these sales wars mean nothing to me.

Target Addict said...

Elizabeth, you and I are kindred spirits on this one :-)

Sybil said...

I don't do Black Friday, but I did stop in our local Target yesterday... I had a coupon from their web site for $4 off a sweater... the sweaters in the ad were $10, so I got two at $6. They aren't heavy & super warm, but perfect for layering.

Also, the Paula Dean cookware set was $99 in the ad with a $10 off coupon; for those, like me, who needed new cookware, that's quite a steal.

I love Target, so to extend the deals beyond the craziness of Friday is a great idea.