Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New at Target: Dana Kellin

I haven't had a chance yet to check out the Dana Kellin for Target jewelry collection in person, but the pictures on Target's site look beautiful. You can view the collection here; I've posted the link since like the Albertus hat collection, the landing page isn't prominently displayed on the site. [Way to promote your design collabs, Target!]

Note that there are some items that are available online only. While the collection looks pretty online, I'll have to inspect them up close to give them my thumbs up or down. It does strike me that this collection seems like a "mashup" of two past Target designer jewelry collabs - Temple St. Clair and Dean Harris - and since I already own pieces from both of those collections, I will probably pass on buying any Kellin items unless I really fall in love with something.


Lesa said...

Really pretty, think we can get it without a fight? lol

Music said...

I saw plenty of this jewelry yesterday at a local Target. Hate to say it, but I wasn't that impressed with it in person. The metal is too "bright" for me - taking away from potential elegance. I just found it a little cheap (eek) looking. I didn't hold any of it, just looked through the case - so it may be more substantive than it appeared.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge jewelry perso, but I would suggest people try to see it in person before buying online.

Unknown said...

They had it out on the counter at my Super Target. It was reallly pretty, but felt very light and cheap. I was tempted, but it just didnt feel substantial enough to justify the prices.

Amy said...

Oh em gee. I can't wait until these are on sale.