Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Rant: Lazy Customer Service

Most Tuesdays I take the opportunity to rant about something I do not like about Target… because although I love ‘em to death, they ain’t perfect. This rant is an open letter to all those Customer Service Reps. that try to ignore my receipts:

Dear Target Employee:

While I realize that it might be easier to just scan my Target VISA to return my item, please note that I've taken the time to either A) find my original receipt and bring it with me, or B) printed out an online receipt if the item was ordered from Target.com. And while it might take an extra 3.2 seconds to scan both the receipt AND slide my card through the reader, please do that to ensure that you're crediting the right item to my account. I'm only following Target's instructions to - whenever possible - bring in a receipt, and I simply ask that you do the same and follow your employer's policies.

Thank you in advance,


Georgia Kent said...

As a Target Team member I would like to say thank you for keeping your reciepts.... it makes our job much easier:)

Target-Addict said...

Hi there Georgia! Thank you for your comment. I hesitated on posting this rant, as I in no way want to suggest that ALL (or even most) Target Cust. Service reps are lazy. It's just that when they are, I get a bit peeved, as it is after all part of their job to scan the receipts as brought to them.

Desert Flower said...

Well, I had a bit of bad customer service myself today. I'm trying to find the Grande Water Lily tapered tray by John Derian that was supposed to debut this past weekend. It's in the Target lookbook for Derian, it is featured in a lot of the previews, and it was included in the Derian for Target sale on Gilt. It didn't show up on the website this weekend, nor in any store near me. Do you think I can get anyone at Target to acknowledge it even exists, let alone where I might buy it? The last person I talked to told me to click on it online and ask to be notified when it was restocked. I asked her how I could do that when it was never online. Sigh.