Monday, September 13, 2010

The rumor mill: iPad to be sold at Target?

According to Electronista, Apple's iPad will soon be sold at a Target store near you. If the leak they saw of a “mystery device” in Target's inventory system is true, the iPad should show up in stores on Oct. 3rd. Electronista explains that it's common for Apple to widen its retail distribution towards the end of the year for a relatively new product, as it wants to keep sales growing by reaching new outlets at the peak sales period. And the choice of Target would make sense, as it’d be a direct shot at rival Amazon, who’s Kindle device reached Target in June and so far is their only major e-reader option.


Critifur said...

They ought to be an official Apple reseller and sell the full range, it would be a good fit.

Target-Addict said...

UPDATE: it's been confirmed that the iPad will be sold at Target, starting next week (Oct. 3rd).