Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interview with Emma Hill of Mulberry for Target

Target's StyleBoutique has posted an interview with Emma Hill, creative director of English luxury handbag house Mulberry and the upcoming Mulberry for Target collection (due to hit stores on Oct. 10th). As mentioned last week, I wasn't impressed with the preview pictures, but perhaps I may buy one of the Mulberry for Target bags for my teenage niece, who seems like the demographic for the line.

Q: How would you describe the personality of the Mulberry luxury brand?

A: Mulberry may be a luxury brand but we are not uptight or
self-conscious. We are laid back, nostalgic and eclectic, with a
healthy dose of quirkiness and English spirit! We are friendly
and fun, responsible and authentic, and we love tea and cake!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Mulberry for Target collection?

A: At Mulberry we believe in fashion that feels good, and our inspiration for Target was to create affordable bags that represent our Mulberry style and character that channeled our funky, English cool! We were inspired by fabulous prints and texture. Pink leopard print is a funky update for everyday totes, and there are also bags in black patent or velvet: luxurious feeling and amazingly affordable. We kept the general spirit of Mulberry in all the bags by utilizing our own existing iconic shapes and always using our classic postman’s lock, which we altered to read “Mulberry for Target.”

Q: Help give us a preview of what’s to come. Describe one of the handbags in the collection and where you take it.

A: For complete “wow” factor, the Large Satchel in pink leopard print is fabulous: roomy enough for all your everyday essentials (and more!) and a secure style to tote around from day to day. For total Mulberry cuteness, the Cross-Body bag in denim is adorable—perfect for chucking on wherever you go, and a great option for taking you from day to evening. The denim version is exclusive to, so keep an eye out for its arrival!

Q: How would you define the Mulberry girl?

A: The Mulberry girl is playful and creative. She is quietly confident and will make you smile. She enjoys fashion but hates pretentiousness. She is intelligent and generous but a little bit cheeky, with bucketloads of English charm! She loves beautiful things and is generous, friendly and warm. She knows who she is without being arrogant.

Q: We adore the tiny pups that were onsite for the Mulberry for Target photo shoot. What’s the connection between Mulberry and K9s?

A: At Mulberry we love our furry friends! The pooches on the Target shoot were French bulldogs, but we love pups in all shapes and sizes and have been producing clothes for them for a couple of seasons now. This winter we have a fantastic coat and snuggly jumper for cold days, so your pets can look as stylish as you do! People are really embracing our pet wear, and if you visit our Mulberry Facebook page you can coo over customers’ Mulberry-clad pooches in our photo gallery!


41 said...

this not related to your post, but since you don't have a contact link, I'm going to ask this question here: don't you wish there was a forum where you could ask regular Target shoppers to look for a particular item you can't find anymore? Several times in the last few years items have left Target stores (and the website) and I really wish I could find them. I've been haunting ebay for months trying to find an old Isaac Mizrahi skirt, a short-sleeved Mossimo dress, and now there is a pair of tan wedges that I would love to have, but they only show in an 11 on Sigh.

Target-Addict said...

Hi 41! That's an interesting idea you have there. I just did a quick search on 'Yahoo Groups', but there doesn't seem to be one for Target. I guess you could try becoming a "fan" to Target's FB page (, but I doubt that'll give you access to Target's other "fans".

You sound like you're doing all the right things (and the same tricks I have!) which is scouring Target's web site as well as eBay. Another idea: if you have a friend in another state, have her look for the item at her local Target.

Also: if something has recently left stores, try searching your local Goodwill outlet. Target regularly makes donations to Goodwill. For instance: the Liberty of London line was in Target stores from March-May; then, by June, all the leftovers hit the Goodwill stores.

41 said...

I've only ever seen old Target items at my local Goodwill (I was there today, in fact - the only Target thing I noticed there was a pink plaid boucle Mossimo jacket) but I know there is a blogger near Target headquarters who calls her local Goodwill the "fake Target" because samples, excess stock, and one-of-a-kind finds turn up there. I am deeply jealous :-)

Target-Addict said...

41: I live nowhere near Target's headquarters, but there are some Goodwill stores near me (out here in Calif.) that get direct donations from local Targets. Not sure how it works, but I've heard that some (not all) Target stores around the country do this.

Sarah - Boldavier French Bulldogs said...

Great interview and loving the new mulberry target collection, great affordable bags for all! just hope we can get some over in the UK!!

So pleased you loving the French Bulldogs in the shoot, these are owned and bred by us and we were very happy to be able to help with the shoot, can't wait to see the adverts!

the mulberry pooch fashion selection is great! can't wait to see the collection.

Sarah @ Boldavier French Bulldogs

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