Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Coming Soon to Target: Isabel Maternity

Hot on the heels of the news that they're eliminating some old brands and bringing in new ones, Target announces the introduction of a new maternity fashion line called Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel. Created in partnership with high-end maternity brand Ingrid & Isabel, this new line will offer on-trend, fit-focused clothes for moms-to-be.

Isabel Maternity will include 120 different items with unparalleled fit, function and fashion, ranging from the exclusive Bellaband for Target and seamless basics to on-trend fashion pieces like off-the-shoulder dresses. From expecting moms who are just a few weeks in with pants that don’t quite button to the moms-to-be who are starting down the final stretch, there’s something in the assortment that caters to everyone. Isabel Maternity will be available soon in most Target stores and on Target.com at prices ranging from $9.99 to $39.99.

You can read more about Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel - plus see more preview pics - here on A Bullseye View.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed at my local Target that they've already started to phase out old stock. I can't count how many times I overheard an employee yesterday say the word "discontinued" either while pulling things off the shelves or over their walkie talkies. :( I don't mind Target's plan to bring in new items under a different name, I just hope the overall style and price points are at least close to what they have now.

Target Addict said...

Mecca: agreed - I hope the overall styles and price points don't change that much. Target already has 'niche' brands like Who What Wear (trendy) and Knox Rose (more boho) so if some of the new women's line lean that way also, there won't be anything to fill the void left by Merona (which I always felt was more "mainstream"). Interesting that you've already heard Target employees talk about phasing things out. Sounds like they're taking it out of stores vs. putting it on clearance. I wonder where it will go? I know some Target stores send merchandise to their local Goodwill stores, so it might be worth checking there soon for bargains!

Kate said...

I am not a big or frequent Target customer but a new smaller concept store opened near me so I have looked there more often than before. It might be my area but the WWWhere line doesn't seem to sell much here, and there were tons of jeans in the sale area, may be they need to figure out what needs to be in this store.
but I did buy 2 sort of knock off Wildfox sweatshirts earlier this year that I love there