Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fab Find: Dollar Aisle Party Products

The other day in the Dollar Aisle at Target I spied these adorable paper plates and napkins (shown). Sporting a flamingo motif in pink and green, they'd be perfect for your next backyard BBQ. They also had drink caddies, straws, placemats, and other partyware in the same fun prints, just $1-3 each.


Critifur said...

I love all the fab paper goods in the Dollar Section! Great desktop calendars, note cards, pencils, party decorations.... I bought a canvas bag with rope handles to use as a gift bag. Basically they got me, I grabbed a lot of stuff from there lately.

Also they have a whole section in the Dollar area for Gay Pride. How the world has changed! It was already selling out, and had to be restocked. It was so interesting to see these grandma types grabbing all the rainbow pride merch.

Target Addict said...

Critifur, I agree - I love the Dollar Aisle! I haven't seen the Gay Pride stuff... maybe it already sold out where I live? And I think I know the EXACT tote you're talking about, because I was planning to blog about it on Friday ;-)