Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Look for Less: Markus Lupfer vs. Target Dollar Spot

Hipster winter beanie hats - complete with "ears" - seemed to be everywhere last Winter, and this season they're back for another round. If you're flush with cash, you could spring for the Markus Lupfer Fox Face Beanie (shown on the left) for a whopping $265 on Shopbop. Or you could head on over to Target's Dollar Spot and get their version (shown on the right) for just $3. And IMO, the Target version is way cuter!


Julie Nelson said...

The dollar spot at my Target is now called "Bullseye's Playground." Is this something that others are seeing?

Target Addict said...

Julie: yes, there is temporary signage up at the Dollar section with the Target dog (Bullseye) and the phrase "Bullseye's Playground". Looks like this went up Nov. 1 at all Target stores.

Target Addict said...

Update, Julie: looks like this new branding is a perm - not temporary - thing. I'll post about it soon. Thanks for the heads up!