Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Target to Close 13 Stores...

Uh oh! News broke today that Target is closing 13 stores nationwide. According to The Huffington Post, these particular stores are being shuttered due to poor performance. And before you panic: the 13 affected stores will remain open through the holiday season and not close until January 30, 2016.

Here are the names of all 13 locations:

Austin North East (Austin, Texas)
Suncoast Pasco County (Odessa, Florida)
Casa Grande, Arizona
Victorville, California
East Flint (Flint, Michigan)
Columbus Southwest (Columbus, Ohio)
Northridge (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Superior, Wisconsin
Springfield, Ohio
New Ulm, Minnesota
Ottumwa, Iowa
Anderson, Indiana
Dixie Highway (Louisville, Kentucky)

The Minneapolis-based retailer said in a statement today that the decision was based on the poor financial performance of the specific stores and "not about the broader company in any way."


Catherine Edgar said...

The Flint one is my closest (and favorite) Target :*(

Barbara said...

I was shocked and very saddened when I saw the first one on the list is "my" store in Austin, TX. I have shopped at this Super Target since it opened, over 10 years ago. I know all the employees and have become friends with many of them. When I went to the store earlier today, the first person I saw was one of the managers, who told me the news, even tho I had already read it here. This store is 8 miles from my house. Now I will have to go to another Super Target, that I do shop at sometimes, but it is more like 15 miles from me. Hopefully, I will be seeing some of my favorite employees as they may get transferred to the other stores I go to. Still very disappointing.

Target Addict said...

Catherine and Barbara, I'm sorry to hear your local stores are closing. I'm also surprised.... my husband is from Michigan, and I thought Flint was well-populated. And likewise, Austin seems like a major hub in TX. I guess these stores are just not as popular as other Target stores within driving distance.

In my area (Northern CA) I'm really shocked they aren't closing one of the San Jose stores. San Jose covers a wide area of the south bay, but I just counted online (via the store locator) and there are 12 San Jose stores!! Not to mention more locations nearby in Santa Clara, Milpitas, Cupertino, etc. It's crazy... honestly, I think we have TOO MANY stores in my area.

Erica Robbins said...

I live in Allen, Texas (just 20 minutes north of Dallas) and we have 2 Target stores and they are literally 3 miles apart from eachother. The original Target is old (over 15 years old) and small, while just 2 exits the up the highway is a newer, (about 5 years old) Super Target. Everytime stores get cut I always figure the older Allen Target would be on the list. I'm suprised these stores can survive so close to each other!
Personally, I love the older Target. It's often overlooked which means great clearance finds!

Catherine Edgar said...

Unfortunately, Flint is a dying town and the area my Target is in is pretty much dead. I am surprised that one in Austin is closing, however. Someday I hope to live in an area with too many Targets! lol