Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Clearance Alert: Eddie Borgo for Target

The Eddie Borgo for Target collection of of bags, charms and jewelry to mix and match as you wish has hit the clearance racks. As you might recall from my review back in July, I wasn't impressed with this line. I found it overpriced, especially given the lack of quality. IMHO, it's still overpriced at 30% off, although there appears to be little of it left in stores so I guess SOMEONE is buying it.


Shopgirl888 said...

Overpriced, ugly, and will be dated in about a month (if it's not already). 70% off will still be too expensive.

Barbara said...

I've been in two Targets in the past few days, (I actually went for those candles you posted few days ago) I always cruise through the jewelry section, haven't seen any sign of the Eddie Borgo. I thought maybe they sent it back, it was that ugly. Ha! But I agree someone must have bought it. At 70% I might buy it to glue on an art journal or something like that, but not to wear.