Thursday, November 20, 2014

Target App Tells You If Items Are In-Store + Where To Find Them

Have you ever made a shopping list, driven to the store, then realized they were out of certain items? Well Target is solving that frustration in the form of an app that tells consumers what’s in stock and where to find those items inside the store.

Consumerist reports that Target’s new service - implemented by Washington-based tech company Point Inside - makes it possible to offer in-store functions for all U.S. locations for the first time. The company’s app allows a shopper to start their list using a type-ahead function that includes brand named items. Then the app will then notify the customer if the product is available at their chosen store location and what aisle they can find it in.

Once inside the store, the app uses the digitized model of the store to create a map showing the user the aisle location of each of the items on their shopping list. During Black Friday, the app reportedly will alert consumers to the location of doorbuster items.

One caveat: while the map can pinpoint the location of products, Target lacks the in-store beacons or similar communication capabilities that would enable Point Inside to provide shoppers with the exact route to those locations.

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