Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Now Available on Target + Faribault

The Target + Faribault collab (announced back in September) debuted the other day on As a reminder, this collection is just available online, and only for a limited time. It seems centered around blankets, shawls and scarves, with a smattering of tote bags, backpacks, tablet and smartphone sleeves thrown in. And since it's only sold online I'm wondering how well this collab will do - ?


blackrose said...

I've never heard of them, but I love anything Target so I checked out the offerings. They all seem soooo overpriced! A scarf for $40? that's too much, especially now that I live in Southern California and probably won't need one... and a throw for 80? I think I paid less than that for an electric throw that was really soft.

lauren said...

It's Faribault. And it's a small mill wool production. Worth it!