Thursday, May 15, 2014

Product Review: Sonia Kashuk Twist Up Longwear Liner

Last month I mentioned I was planning to try Sonia Kashuk's Twist Up Longwear Eyeliner. I did... and overall I'm a fan, although I wouldn't call it "the best eyeliner I've found" (as one review on dubbed it). It comes in 4 colors - which are hard to peg from the description or packaging - so let me break it down for you:

Black Amber (a dark brown)
Black Diamond (a glittery, smokey grey)
Black Onyx (a true deep black)
Black Tanzanite (an inky purply-blue)

On the colors: I'm torn between the Onyx and the Diamond; the Onyx was too dark and dramatic (for me personally) for everyday use, and the Diamond seems to have silver flecks in it which again seems too "glam" for daily use. But I do love the Black Tanzanite; it's almost a navy but with purple undertones which works well with my brown eyes.

On consistency and wearability: this eyeliner goes on easily and evenly, and blends well. However, it does wear off over time. The "Longwear" part of its name is a misnomer, so if you're looking for an 8-hour liner, this product isn't for you.

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