Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coming Soon: Jeff Canham for Mossimo

Jeff Canham is a talented graphic designer and sign painter who honed his skills as the art director for Surfer magazine. The San Francisco-based artist, who keeps a studio in the Sunset District called The Woodshop, caught Target's eye for his surf-inspired designs. And now The Bullseye has partnered with him to create a limited-edition Summer collection for Mossimo Supply Co.

Debuting May 11th at most Target stores and on, Jeff designed beachy graphics for everything from tees, tanks and towels to board shorts and beach bags for men and women. I'm especially loving these "Swim/Surf" flipflops (shown here).


M @ My Closet Catalogue said...

So I've been lurking on your blog for weeks because I had got a bug up my behind and NEEDED to own at least one piece from every single Target/designer collab since Luella Bartley. After extensive and carefully researched acquisitions from eBay, I am now proud to say I've conquered my quest, and I thank you for being an unwitting help in said quest. Your information dating all the way back, your reviews and news, all helped me cull and curate and complete my Target collection.

So it now begs the question: do you know when the next collab will launch? And who it will be? Inquiring minds...

Target Addict said...

Congrats on your Target collab haul!

As for who Target's next fashion/designer collab will be with, I'm afraid I don't know. The last "collab" Target announced was back in February: a trio of Pinterest-famed party-planners including Joy Cho of Oh Joy!, Jan Halverson of Poppytalk and Kate Arends of Wit & Delight. The Oh Joy! collection debuted back in March (and quickly sold out of stores) and the Poppytalk collection will drop in June.