Friday, January 3, 2014

Sneak Peek: Peter Pilotto for Target

Remember my post the other day with the hideous Peter Pilotto dress worn by Kerry Washington? Well, The Huffington Post has a sneak peek (via a photo first published by Elle) of the upcoming Peter Pilotto for Target collection, and the same crazy-calico prints seem to be there, sans the weird cut-outs.

As shown here, Pilotto and his co–creative director Christopher De Vos pose with models showing off some of the items from the upcoming collab, including a drop-waist dress, a cropped tee, a pencil skirt and what appears to be a romper - all in their signature mixed prints. Elle described the 70-piece collection as "ready-made for a Montauk weekend," whatever that means.

You can read more about about the design team behind Peter Pilotto and their upcoming collab with Target here on


Music said...

Hmm...looks like a collection that may have only one or two things I'll like. Reads pretty young. And the "Montauk weekend" comment is very a NYC - "I'm going to the Hamptons this weekend" - kinda, well, bougie thing. Although I feel like Montauk can be a little more "rustic" maybe? I know it's supposed to be beautiful.

At any rate, when I lived in Manhattan, I didn't have the coin to be leaving the city on the weekend to party in someone's expensive place way out in Long Island (I'm a Target shopper). It reminds me of the time a girl in Boston asked me, "Oh, and where do you 'summer'?" My Midwestern self said, "Uh, summer camp?"

floating thru fields said...

Yeah......not sure how well this is going to do....the patterns are really bold, but you never know!
thanks for sharing :)

Paige said...

Ugly! I don't think this collab will do well. They could really use an awesome collab right now with all the negative publicity they are receiving....