Friday, July 6, 2012's "Back to College" Section has a whole section on their website devoted to "Back to College"... which is a bit of a misnomer, as you're usually buying boatloads of stuff as your kid initially leaves for college, not when they go back to it.  In any case, this section has a whole array of stuff for the college freshman living in a dorm for the first time, including bedding, towels, furniture & decor, electronics, kitchenware, and storage & organization. There's also something called the "UStyler" where you can design your own dorm room and a handy checklist you can fill out to figure out what you need (and don't need) to bring along to school.

Just a hint, as we prepare to send our eldest off to college this Fall: it sounds like he was lucky enough to score a room in one of the newer dorms that comes with its own kitchenette.  We're trying to confirm that its already equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave, and if so, then we'll be able to cross those items off our shopping list. And if possible, try to coordinate with your roommate ahead of time and find out what he/she is bringing, so that the two of you don't duplicate items that could be shared.


Garima said...

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tnt521 said...

The stuff is really cute! And they have tons of Fred Flare at our Target that was so temping. There is a lipstick lamp, and a balloon lamp that really wanted to come home with us!

tammy t

Music said...

I was literally going to suggest covering this section the other day because a lot of the stuff is cute and quirky for ANY home or could make great gifts. The Fred & Friends, DCI Gifts, and Kikkerland items are great. I picked up a "wine monkey" for a friend, a flower-shaped USB hub, drumstick shaped wooden spoons, and a cell phone charger shelf. Definitely don't pass this section up just because it's marketed for "Back to College." It's fun and reasonably priced. (Seriously, I'm old enough that there was no such thing as "dorm fare" and we were lucky to find a milk crate...)

Sandee Royalty said...

My son is headed to college in August so I have visited target to scope out all the merch. I love the Fred flare stuff! I am having fun buying stuff to re-do my son's room when he leaves! I am letting him take his current room decor to school and I am putting all new in his room at home! Yay!

Target Addict said...

I totally agree, readers: the Fred Flare stuff is wonderful! And since it always seems to sell out at Target quickly, I've been known to "stockpile" Fred Flare items to save for stocking stuffers later on at Christmas ;-)