Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Target taps "Punky Brewster" for new organic baby line

Soleil Moon Frye - aka TV's "Punky Brewster - has apparently struck gold by partnering with Target for the release of a new collection of organic baby clothing.

While the partnership is news, the fact that Frye is behind it isn’t very surprising. Ever since she opened up her organic baby store, The Little Seed, in Los Angeles some years ago, the 33-year-old mother has been a force in the green baby scene. Last July, with business partner Paige Goldberg, she hosted a star-studded grand opening for the launch of her own eco-friendly baby clothing.

“Both our kids had allergies, and we wanted to create an eco-alternative that they could wear that would be incredible, it would be colorful,” says Frye, pictured here in 2006 with her then 6-month old daughter, Poet Sienna Rose. “We wanted to kind of spin the concept of organic upside down and really create something that was vibrant and beautiful and colorful and filled with life, and happy and cheerful. From beginning to end it’s been the most amazing process.”

Turns out Target was paying attention, and will launch the new organic kid’s collection under “The Little Seed” brand this July.

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Lemondrop Marie said...

WOW, I am going to check it out, organic at Target! I know lots of moms who would love it.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge