Saturday, November 21, 2009

Target announces two new designer collaborations

Target has just announced they will be working with two more stylish, under-the-radar designers for new collections launching this Spring: Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim.

First up, Cynthia Vincent will be designing a line of footwear, the fifth footwear collaboration for Target. Vincent has become an insider favorite for her chunky-heeled boots (like the ones shown here) as well as platforms and colorful flats. Since her boots often run in the $400 range, it will be interesting to see the Bullseye translate her designs into more wallet-friendly prices.

Next is Eugenia Kim, whose hats have been a New York fixture for some time, bringing her quirky/retro headware into the mainstream. Similarly, Kim's hats - from slouchy knits to brimmed herringbone styles - usually run a little rich for one's blood (from $100-$200) so getting her hats for less will be a real thrill.

The Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim for Target collections will be available in stores and online on April 18, 2010.


Sher said...

Those boots are really cute. I'm sure since it's a spring/summer collection there will be a lot flats. That seems to be the trend and I am one who will appreciates getting out of heels for a while ;)

Target-Addict said...

I hear ya, Sher! In fact, check out next week's "Wednesday's Rave" for some darling flats I just got at Target :-)